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MTN Power Breakfast Series 2013


The final 2 installments of the hugely successful Power Breakfast National Road Show Series for 2013 took MTN Staff on the most memorable joyride of their lives as they were put on High Alert and engaged in an interactive customized industrial theatre production that literally placed them at the heart of the MTN High Care Emergency Room and Recovery Wards, where they had time to check on Customer’s Vital Signs, practice what was preached in terms of real Customer Care and discover what it takes to save another customers’ soul from moving to the dark side.

Real life drama in the ER was followed by a year-end production inspired by the classic tale of enlightenment and the passage to find answers on the proverbial Yellow Brick Road – Guests were treated to a musical journey that celebrated the incredible strength and power that lives deep within us and illustrated our immense untapped knowledge and bravery – often overlooked in our search for answers. With riveting musical highlights including Follow the Yellow Brick Road, Somewhere over the Rainbow and Defying Gravity performed by an ensemble cast, spectacular sets and costumes and a special guest appearance by the inspirational Natalie Du Toit, this was truly a poignant and fitting curtain call to a year of distinct and highly differentiated staff training activations.